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Meet Author Nico J. Genes

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Hello Everyone and welcome. It is great to see you. Thank you for stopping by last week for my review for Lyn Garner‘s ‘Choices.’ Today I am having author Nico J. Genes speak with us about her books and other things.

What inspires us?

What motivates us?

What is the reason behind everything we do?

I’m searching for answers constantly and the more I ask myself the more I need to dig dipper. Some things I know now, but others are still an enigma.

I am certain of two things though: I love to travel and I love to write. Are they complementary? YES.IMG_20180709_201330

I am often asked how did I come up with the idea for my first novel, Magnetic Reverie, the first book in  The Reverie series. It was years ago, I was traveling by train from Ljubljana to Zagreb, where I worked at…

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My review for Nico J. Genes’ ‘Magnetic Reverie’

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Good Morning everyone and a warm welcome to you all. I want to thank everyone who participated in my Rafflecoptor, and to congratulate the winners. Special thanks to Stephanie Potos Biedlingmaier and Donna McGuinness for all your efforts.

This morning I’ve had a change of plans and will be instead presenting you my review for Author Nico J. Genes’Magnetic Reverie.’ I had the pleasure of interviewing Nico here on the blog last week. You can click the link below to read it.

Nico J. Genes Interview

This story takes place in the US and in Slovenia. What I can first say is that I was impressed with the descriptions the author did with her home country. She offers a little history too, I felt like I was visiting a friend there, which was comforting. And the sites were magnificent.

There is a big twist near the beginning…

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